Physical Rehabilitation for South Florida Pets

Southeast Veterinary Neurology (SEVN) is the only hospital in South Florida that exclusively treats neurological disorders in dogs and cats.  As a full-service neurological facility, we offer rehabilitation services to our patients to optimize their chances of a successful recovery.  Just like any person with a surgical or non-surgical neurological problem, an effective physical rehabilitation program is important to maximize recovery.

After consultation with one of our neurologists, physical rehabilitation may be recommended.  For certain conditions, such as fibrocartilagenous embolism, degenerative myelopathy and polyneuropathy, physical rehabilitation is the cornerstone of recovery.  Physical rehabilitation may also be recommended after spinal surgery or, in certain cases, instead of surgery.

Conditions That May Benefit From Physical Rehabilitation

  • Post-operative back surgery (laminectomy)
  • Post-operative neck surgery (ventral slot)
  • Non-surgical management of Intervertebral Disk Disease (IVDD)
  • Fibrocartilagenous embolism
  • Degenerative myelopathy
  • Feline myelopathies
  • Non-compressive nucleus pulposus extrusion
  • Polyneuropathy
  • Wound healing

Goals of Physical Rehabilitation Include:

  • Improve time to recovery from surgery
  • Improve degree of recovery from spinal cord injury
  • Reduce pain, discomfort and inflammation
  • Improve and maintain muscle strength
  • Improve and maintain joint mobility
  • Improve quality of life
  • Weight loss