Veterinary MRI in South Florida

Southeast Veterinary Neurology uses a 1.5 Tesla MRI–the most powerful MRI being used for veterinary patients in south Florida.  High-field MRI provides clearer images in less time compared to low-field MRI.  This means a more accurate diagnosis with less need for anesthesia.  Compare the high-field MRIs performed by Southeast Veterinary Neurology to the low-field MRIs.

SEV MRI Services

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is considered to be the advanced imaging modality of choice when imaging the soft tissues of the body, including the nervous system. Most neurological problems (including intervertebral disk disease, meningitis/encephalitis, brain tumors, strokes, etc) require an MRI to give an accurate diagnosis. Plain radiographs and CT scans typically cannot diagnose these conditions. MRI uses a strong magnetic field to make an image of the internal structures of the body. This technique is completely non-invasive, however patients must remain completely still. Anesthesia is required.

Low-field MRI Performed Elsewhere

Low-field MRI performed at another hospital. The pet presented for neck pain, however, the diagnosis was unclear so the pet owner came to Southeast VeterinaryN for a second opinion.

High-field MRI Performed By SEVN.

High-field MRI of the cervical spinal cord and vertebral column performed at Southeast Veterinary Neurology. Note the detail of the spinal cord, bones and disks when compared to the low-field MRI.

Low-Field MRI Performed Elsewhere

A low-field MRI of the brain performed elsewhere. Small or subtle abnormalities may be missed.

High-Field MRI Of Brain By SEVN

An example of a high-field MRI of the brain performed by Southeast VeterinaryN. Note the higher detail compared to the low-field MRI.

High-Field MRI Of The Brain Performed By SEVN.

Low-Field MRI Performed At Another Hospital