Lewie, 3 year-old Labrador

Lewie, a three year-old Labrador Retriever, presented to Southeast Veterinary Neurology (SEVN) for head trauma. Lewie is a bomb-sniffing dog that works for the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

Lewie was off-duty when he ran head-first into a boat trailer hitch. He broke a bone in his skull. Lewie’s handler knew it was of utmost importance that Lewie retain his keen ability to smell and also maintain a very cosmetic appearance since he works with the public.

Lewie was seen on emergency by Dr. Wong and a computed tomography (CT) scan was performed. This photo and movie are 3-dimensional reconstructed images of Lewie’s skull. Notice the flap of bone that is opened up like a door with its hinge on the left side of his head.

Dr. Wong and the team at SEVN performed surgery to fix the defect in his skull. Here is a photo of Lewie while anesthetized and being prepared for surgery. Notice the deformity of his head and how there is a large “bump”.

The following photographs are from the actual surgery. The images may be too graphic for some readers.

In the following photos, the nose is at the bottom of the picture and the left side of the head is on the right side of the photo. You are viewing the top of his forehead. The frontal sinus is visible through the defect in the skull.

The area was cleaned and the defect in the skull was closed with two small sutures.

We are happy to report that Lewie is back at work protecting the public. He recently won an award in a national competition for bomb-sniffing dogs.

3-dimensional reconstructed images of Lewie’s skull

3-dimensional reconstructed images of Lewie’s skull


Pre Surgery

Lewie pre surgery

Frontal sinus

Lewie frontal sinus

Post Surgery

Lewie post surgery


Lewie post treatment