Prince - July 2016

Prince is a nine year-old castrated male Bull Terrier that presented to Southeast Veterinary Neurology (SEVN) for evaluation of seizures. Prince was previously healthy, up-to-date on vaccinations and fed a commercial diet. He had no history of travel outside of South Florida. Prince’s first seizure was last week. It was a generalized clonic-tonic seizure that lasted 30 seconds. He recovered quickly. He presented to his primary care veterinarian for evaluation.

On examination, he was alert and responsive. His gait was normal, with no ataxia or weakness. His postural reactions were normal (NO Canine Proprioceptive (CP) deficits). Spinal reflexes were normal (patellar reflex and withdrawal reflex). Cranial nerves were normal.

Based on the history and exam findings:

1. Is this a neurological problem?

2. What is your anatomic localization?

3. What are your differential diagnoses?

4. What is your diagnostic plan?