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Pets Recover The Ability To Walk

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Southeast Veterinary Neurology

South Florida’s Leader in Neurology, Neurosurgery and Advanced Imaging for Animals

Veterinary Neurologists specialize in seizures, intervertebral disk disease, paralysis or weakness walking, encephalitis, strokes, brain tumors, atlantoaxial instability, Chiari-like malformation or syringomyelia, degenerative myelopathy and other conditions of the brain, spinal cord, nerves and muscles.

Southeast Veterinary Neurology is the only team of veterinary specialists in South Florida that are board-certified by the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine specialty of Neurology.

We are the only Veterinary Hospital in South Florida that Exclusively Treats Neurological Conditions in Dogs and Cats.

Our Veterinary Neurologists have helped over

20,000 pets regain the ability to walk.

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If your pet is experiencing a neurological emergency, please call our hospital at the numbers listed above.

If this is not an emergency, feel free to contact us here.

The latest diagnostic technologies to accurately diagnose and treat your pet’s seizures.

Our neurologists have successfully helped thousands of pets regain the ability to walk with both medical and surgical options.

Encephalitis can cause seizures, balance problems, blindness, and behavior changes.  An early and accurate diagnosis is critical to optimal treatment.

Our MRI is the most powerful MRI in South Florida.  This means a more accurate diagnosis with less need for anesthesia.

Balance problems can be caused by many conditions.  An accurate diagnosis is critical in optimally treating your pet.

AA Instability is a common cause of neck pain and difficulty walking in small dogs such as Yorkies, Poodles and Chihuahuas.

Meet Our Team

The Only Team Of Board-Certified Neurologist In South Florida.

Dr. Michael Wong - Veterinary Neurologist

Dr. Michael Wong

Veterinary Neurologist

Dr. Nicholas De Pompa - Veterinary Neurologist

Dr. Nicholas De Pompa

Veterinary Neurologist

Dr. Michael Reese - Veterinary Neurologist

Dr. Michael Reese

Veterinary Neurologist


I carried my German Shepherd into Dr. Wong’s office on a Thursday and she walked out on her own four days later. He is such a skilled, professional and personable Dr.—I would give him more than five stars. The staff was also very nice and informative. There was someone with her 24 hours a day. I am in the medical field, so I am very careful about who I trust with my loved ones. Dr. Wong definitely has my trust.


What Should You Look For When Your Pet Has a Neurological Problem?

A Veterinarian Who Is an Expert in Neurological Problems

According the American Veterinary Medical Association, the only veterinarians that can call themselves experts in neurology are ACVIM board-certified veterinary neurologists. Board-certified veterinary neurologists spend and additional 4-5 years after veterinary school gaining knowledge and expertise in neurology and neurosurgery. There are only about 300 board-certified neurologists in North America. Southeast Veterinary Neurology employs 4 neurologists that serve all of South Florida—more than all other neurology services in South Florida combined.

A Hospital That Has In-House High-Field MRI

MRI is the most useful diagnostic test for evaluating the neurological system. However, not all MRI’s are created equally. “Field strength” refers to how strong the magnet is. In general, stronger magnets (higher field strengths) give higher-resolution images in less time when compared to low-field MRIs. It is also important to know if the hospital’s MRI is in-house. Some hospitals use MRI at an off-site human facility. While this provides good quality images, your pet needs to be transported off-site. Many times, the MRI cannot be performed until the MRI center has closed (late at night or early in the morning). While this is okay for certain neurological conditions, most neurological conditions are urgent matters. Southeast Veterinary Neurology is the only hospital in South Florida with board-certified neurologists that also has in-house MRI. CT scans are NOT MRIs.

A Hospital That Has Experts Available 24/7

Most neurological problems are urgent matters and many of them are true emergencies. Southeast Veterinary Neurology employs four board-certified neurologists. This means we have a board-certified neurologist that is available for consultations seven days a week. Additionally, our neurologists are available for emergencies after hours. When other neurology services are “off” on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, Southeast Veterinary Neurology is fully-staffed with an expert in neurology on site.

A Team with Neurosurgical Expertise

All of our neurologists perform brain and spinal surgery regularly. Since we have a team of neurologists, we can offer a greater breadth of surgical expertise. Each of our neurologists has a special area of interest when it comes to neurosurgery.

A Hospital Whose Entire Team Knows Neurology

Many neurology services have one or two support staff on the neurology team. Southeast Veterinary Neurology employs almost 50 support staff who only treat neurological conditions. Most of our technicians are certified or registered technicians with more than 10 years of experience. Some of our technicians are among the small group of technicians with Specialty Certification in Veterinary Neurology or Veterinary MRI.

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Southeast Veterinary Neurology has three convenient locations throughout South Florida. If this is an emergency, please contact the closest Southeast Veterinary Neurology location and one of our staff members will be happy to assist you.

FORT LAUDERDALE –  (305) 274-2777

MIAMI –  (305) 274-2777

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If this is an emergency, please call us at one of the numbers above. If this is NOT an emergency and you would like to request a future appointment, you may call our office or fill out the form below.